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Europe Immo World is a highly formed team of dynamic people with experience with motivation and multilingual skill from Spanish, Catalan, English, French and German. Always disposed to help with entire dedication for helping in all matters and make your dream of purchasing a property true, as well as sale your property with full guarantee and security. We also help you in all paper work and formalities in a professional way and our usual seriousness and reliability.

Our associated collaborators are in different European countries, especially in France Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Holland.

This enables us an optimal commercialization of your property with an integral service.

The one of the most important points is always knowledge about local market's situation, regarding to situation, established prices and no doubt also typical  characteristics, either positive or negative, of the place of each property..

On a  conscious and expert way we always realise previously an exhaustive study of all our properties for sale, analyzing it's situation in the Land Registry, possible charges, rights or eventual seizures, in a usual way as obliged by our own rules, before we go ahead with any publishing and sale.

We assessor the seller with a professional estimation, study of price giving the best option for a sale. Obviously we offer our help for resolving any doubt or problem concerning registry situation eventually appearing before the sale. Up from the actual obliged habitability card and the energetic certificate, both necessary for a sale. Our experienced staff can help you in heritages, and actualisation of names and registrations in the Land Registry Office, solicitude of NIE as it is part for all legal formalities.

We attend all sort of formalities, for buyers and also sellers. With professionalism  and full reliability we prepare all documents, either private contracts or deeds to be signed,  consequently also change of name.

Integral service, so our staff works with diligence, confidentiality and professionalism  thanks to a close collaboration with lawyers,  and fiscal assessors with great experience.

You are welcomed in our office.




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